Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going to be a long week

This week is going to be a long week. For a start it is going to be the first week this year, in fact since middle December last year that I will be working a full week. In December it was the public holidays and in January it was first the short leave and then the Ironman70.3 that made all my weeks a three or four day week.

Secondly Kim is attending a week long training course(for her work) in another city and is only back Friday night. She drove through this afternoon as she must be there early tomorrow. It is to far for her to travel everyday and she is sleeping over. My mother is here to help but getting all the training done, getting DJ ready for school, feeding all the cats and dogs is going to be more than a hand full. If my mother's flat wasn't on the same stand as ours I think I would have had some trouble.

And then it is training that will also be hard. After IM70.3 last weeks training was not that hard but with me getting a bit "soft" and picking up some flu/cold I did not complete the whole weeks schedule.

Lucky for me it seems if the bug is something of the past and I could manage a 4 hour bike and a 30 minute run(brick) this afternoon. Funny how I could feel that I was not 100% yesterday but today when I woke up I could feel I am fine. I think resting yesterday and doing no training helped me get over it.

And as always Eddy sleeping while I train. Funny but as soon as I get out of the Aero Position or stop pedalling he jumps up and think I'm finished. Can understand when he jumps up as I stop pedalling but how he knows when I am getting out of the aero position I don't know. Will start calling him my Aero watch Dog, will thank him if I can be aero for the full IM bike route.

Amazing that it is a week since I had a beer or wine, just last week I said I am done with it until IM in April, time flies. On the eating healthy side it is also going good but with the last three days not training 100% the fat loss has been slower than expected but I am sure it will pick up again with the long hours of training coming.

O, and sorry for posting another pic of Eddy but I couldn't resist. This is the Jersey he got from Nina when we stayed with them in LA. It is still a bit big but will be ready for winter, amazing how quickly he is growing.

Well that's it for now, DJ standing next to Pc and keep asking me when am I finished, I must come and watch Tv with her.

Today's training:
Bike: 4hrs, 129km, 135bpm, 3722kcal
Run: 30min, 5.7km, 142bpm, 499kcal