Saturday, January 30, 2010

Going slightly Mad

I am going slightly mad and that is according to Kim. When she came back from her week away from home she saw all these pieces of paper I've put up against some walls and cupboards and fridges in our house.

You see during the week that she wasn't here I planned my IM South Africa campaign and decided to write my goals down of what I want to achieve at IMSA this year.

I have read somewhere or it was on some course I've been that they say you must write your goals down for you the look at, being in your mind is not good enough.

Kim say I was just lonely and is busy going mad and I must take all these A4 papers off her fridge and food cupboards. I said I will take it off after IMSA. Surprisingly she hasn't taken them off herself as I just left it.

I looked at last years performance and also at my performance in Kona and decided on 5 things I want to achieve or be better at. I haven't made this lengthy and complicated list, just 5 things I am working towards.

This weeks training is still on track and if I can manage both my run and swim session tomorrow I will end the week on just under 20 hours training. This morning was so nice to sleep a little bit later than usual as I didn't go into the dealership. That is one thing if you wake up every morning at 4am, you appreciate the morning when you can sleep until 7am.

First I decided to do my gym session and had to rush it a bit as I had to do some business in town before my brick session. I also went and ordered my mothers present for her birthday. Her birthday is only 21 February but the present we decided on getting her needs to be ordered. They said it will be a week but I don't want to take any chances and ordered it well in advance.

When I got back home I wanted to do my 5h15 brick session but Kim said that her sister's child is coming to show us her newborn.
The visit turned out to be longer than I thought and I had to change my plan of riding outdoors to riding on the Computrainer as I would now finish when it's dark. Right at the top is a picture DJ took when I was about halfway with my bike session and above is a picture of DJ holding Nathan, she was so excited to be able to play with him.

We had to close Eddy in the spare bedroom as he was even more excited than DJ and was all over Nathan. He was staring out the window looking for sympathy or for someone to open up for him.
Today's Training:
Gym: 50minutes, 483kcal.
Bike: 4h45, 154km, 129bpm, 3903kcal
Run: 30minutes, 5.9km, 140bpm, 473kcal


  1. I'm just visualizing these papers and laughing. I predict Kim will have them down sooner or later. Haha. Good idea though.

  2. B
    Yes, i think it's coming off soon. hear about it every minute

  3. Jason
    Here is a link to hotels in Port Elizabeth. I stayed at the Courtyard hotel for the last two years as it is opposite the start/finish area. I haven't booked anything yet this year. Need to do so asap. Let me know if you need any info regarding your trip to SA and IMSA.
    the radisson and the garden court are nice hotels and are about 1km from start/finish. keep in mind that they close marine drive on race day so you need to walk to start.

    Will this be your first IMSA.


  4. Keep going, Im sure you will reach the 5 goals...maybe you should put up the 6th goal: try to keep the paper up until IMSA! It will be a tough task in my house!! HeHe

  5. Jakkals
    Yes think I need to add goal nr 6, but it will be the first one I would not be able to achieve.