Sunday, January 3, 2010

Have an AWESOME 2010

Not long ago everybody was talking about 2010. So many things are happening in 2010 and in South Africa it is World Cup Soccer, with every second person planning or telling you how it is going to be.

Even if you raise your concern about the economy or crime or about anything people tell you, "Wait for 2010 it will be better"

Well now 2010 is here, it is a reality not next year and I hope and pray that everybody will have an awesome 2010.

We went to the traditional Fireworks display at one of the shopping centre on New Years eve. Although it's been happening for a while it is the first time we attend. It was very good and you could see we were the rookies among all the people.

We didn't know where to park and when we eventually found a spot at around 11:30pm we had nothing but a blanket for DJ. Everybody around us was having snacks and drinks to keep them busy and "Happy" until the fireworks show started at 12pm.

As we went home at about 12:30 it was a real challenge negotiating your way back to our neighborhood. I guess it is always like that but I haven't seen so many drunk and reckless drivers in a very long time. I said to Kim if I was head of Traffic in Witbank I would have held a road block but I guess they don't hold a road block because they won't have enough jail cells for all those people.

The rest of the weekend was very relaxing and we had a BBQ on Friday the 1st, the weather was amazing and it was a real sunny summers day. Luckily I only had an easy run on my training plan as the Gym was closed and I could not do the swim training that was on the schedule.

Yesterday all the ladies in our household left for the coast for a week long holiday. I will join them on Wednesday as I need to be at the Dealership untill Wednesday when my partner returns from his Holiday. One of us needs to be present to look after the two branches and be there for admin duties like signing cheques etc.
Late last night I received some good news after they informed me that we had another break in at the dealership. The Thief became a little greedy and came back on the same day to steal some more Pc's. Luckily they caught him and I hope this put an end the all the break ins we had during the last year. We must have had about eight during the year with four just in the last month.

Yesterday I also did my long bike session and boy did it hurts. I went four hours and I could feel it after the session. I listened to some podcasts while I was riding and although they were very interesting I prefer listening to music. I need some music to keep me pumping and performing, the podcast did not have the same effect. With the family not here it makes it easy to train as I don't disturb anybody but I don't want it to be like that permanantly, it is so lonely.

This morning I went for my long run and tried something new I heard on one of the podcasts yesterday. It was an interview with Bobby McGee a famous running and now triathlon coach and he use the run/walk method. He suggest that you run for 10 minutes and then walk for 1 minute but at a brisk pace.

He says that during an Ironman very few people run the entire marathon and by training to run/walk you will do your marathon faster than if you train just to run and you won't be demotivated during the Ironman race when you start walking as you trained that way.

I tried it this morning and my pace was a little bit slower than normal but I did not feel as tired as usual after my long run. He suggest you take the time you want to do the marathon at and then find your walking pace and according to that you determine at what speed you need to run every 10 minute "interval"

Mentally it is also good to break down your marathon in 10 minute chunks. I am going to give it a try and see if I can improve. For the past two years I could not improve on my run time so I guess I can't lose anything if I give it a go.

Yesterday's Training:
Gym: 1h06, 622kcal
Bike: 4h00, 116 km, 3342 kcal,

Today's Training:Run: 1h40, 19 km, 1632 kcal, 140 bpm ave, 5:18min/km.
Swim: 52 min, 2.5km
Weeks Totals:
Swim: 9.8km
Bike: 236km
Run: 45.3km
Gym: 2 sessions
Total: 17h11, 291.1km, 13439 kcal

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