Friday, January 22, 2010

I can feel It's Coming.

First let me just share with you the mess Eddy created yesterday when we arrived back from work. He can now reach the Toiler roll holder and destroyed the roll. He is so active and naughty but if you look at the picture below how can you get cross with him.
This morning Kim wanted to assault him as he chewed her one shoe to pieces as she left it next to the bed when she got ready to go to work. She went downstairs to have breakfast and help DJ get ready and when she came back he was having a ball with the shoe. Thanks Eddy, you cost me a new pair of shoes.

Getting back to the post heading I can feel that I am busy getting sick. Knowing my body I can feel the lack of energy, the headache, the stuffy nose in the morning, the signs are just there. It started yesterday morning as I woke up, I could immediatly feel that I am not 100%. I still did my Gym session but started feeling worse as the day went by.
Last night I was suppose to do a 90 minute Tempo bike but could only manage 30minutes. I started getting dizzy and didn't feel to well. I decided to rather stop than push through and do more damage than good, there is still plenty of training time left.

This morning I felt better and went for my run but as the day progressed I started feeling bad again. I didn't want to go to the doctor yet and bought some flu medicine at the chemist. Tonight was suppose to be my swim speed workout but I gave it a miss.

I will see how I feel in the morning and will decide if I am going to do my long bike or rather rest and recover to have a good week next week.

The past weekends IM70.3 and maybe the stomach bug on Friday night was just too much for the body and maybe it triggered the flu. Add all the germs that is floating around in airports and you are almost guaranteed to pick up something.

Glad the first part of the weeks training was spot on and I could manage all my sessions.

I had a look at my training totals during last years IMSA training and the totals for Hawaii's training block and I couldn't believe it but I am ahead of schedule compared to IMSA and just a little bit behind the Hawaii schedule but only just. So I am not that worried as I thought I was way behind.

The weight is also moving in the right direction and I am closer to my race weight than a week ago. Since Monday I've stopped drinking Beer and Wine and will be off the Beer and Wine until IMSA and I am also cutting out the chocolate and sweets. Having gels and Mars bars on my long bike rides will be my treat for the week. I am doing good so far this week although it's early days and there is still 12 weeks to go.

Wednesday's Training:
Swim: 47min, 2km
Bike: 1hr, 33km, 835kcal, 127bpm

Thursday's Training:
Gym: 1h12, 594kcal
Bike: 30min, 17km, 394kcal

Friday's Training:
Run: 30min, 5.8km, 443kcal, 129bpm


  1. WOW! the dog didnt miss a piece of that roll! arent puppies fun!
    Looks like we are on the same scedule with the bug. I am getting stuffed uyp just as I need to ramp up my running. I guess it will only make me stronger in teh end! Hope you feel better soon! CHeers!

  2. J, definitely don't sweat it. You deserve some time off, or at minimum light training. Plus you can spend that time watching and training eddy, it'll save you some money on toilet paper and shoes. haha.

    Must say, he's one cute dog.

  3. John
    Sorry to hear you are also not feeling well. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks, hopefully I will be over it soon.

  4. B
    Thanks, training and racing for some time make you aware when you start feeling off. Will rest a day or two and be back at it. Like you said no sweat.
    Yes Eddy need some training, one very active and naughty guy.

  5. Haha, I just love that dog...keep on chewing Ed-the-man!