Friday, January 15, 2010

Tight like a Tiger

Today was really tight since we started our journey towards East London for this weekends Ironman70.3. The whole day was just full of delays.
Kim arrived at the dealership just in time for us to leave for the airport but I had one or two things still to sort out which gave us 20 minutes to get to the airport which is normally about a 45 minute drive.

Needless to say Kim was a little bit stresses as I drove a little faster than normal and just as I thought I've made up some time it started to rain which means disaster in Johannesburg traffic. Add to that all the road works on the freeways towards the airport and we were late again.

Luckily we could book in before the closing time. Because we were late we were giving seats that's available which meant that me and Kim weren't sitting next to each other.

Then it was the old story when you have a middle seat- you get the biggest or fattest persons on either side. I had this big guy and I am not joking he is like double my size next to me in the aisle seat. Luckily the guy at the window was normal but my 1h15 flight was very uncomfortable.

O' and then we had a 20 minute delay on the runway, don't know why but the "official" announcement was that they are just waiting for a aircraft to land then we are next in line. All I can say is it took very long for that plane to land.

It didn't stop here, when we got to the car rental company they couldn't get my booking on their computer system. Luckily I did have the reservation receipt and gave it to them. Something I've learned in the past, always carry all your confirmations with you when you go on a trip.

When we got to the car the thing was a wreck. Being in the motor industry I know cars and has driving some wrecks in my life. When I saw the car I just sensed that it is not 100%. The rear bumper was damaged but I was OK with that but when the boot didn't want to close properly I asked for another vehicle.

I then drove again faster than normal as it was now just after 5pm and I wanted to pick up my bike and register before the 6pm closure.

Due to me rushing I took the wrong turnoff and was now running late again. When we got to the hotel where the registration is taking place I rushed to the car park to pick up my bike but they closed at 5:30pm. Now I can only get my bike tomorrow at 9am. No train smash but I wanted to do my 30 min easy bike spin tomorrow early and then get the bike ready for transition. Just have to reschedule my program for tomorrow.

Luckily I could get into registration and at least that's done.

When we arrived at the hotel we were so shocked to see how small the room is. You need to step outside to change your mind, that's how small it is. Good thing I couldn't get my bike tonight as there is not enough space for everything including the bike. Luckily I will rack the bike tomorrow and on Sunday hand it in at the bike transport company after the race.

So no sleep over for the bike in the hotel.

After we unpacked which was just a matter of stacking all our clothes onto each other in one closest we headed to one of the local shopping centres and ordered a Pizza for take away.

Just hope the weekend improve and by Sunday there will be no more tight fits.


  1. Man, it sound like you started the race already. I love the line "You need to step outside to change your mind". I'm stealing that one. haha. Good luck on the race again.

  2. I'm really excited to hear all about your weekend!

  3. B
    Thanks, it was a real challenging day