Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to the World

Monja gave birth over the weekend so there is another addition to the family. Monja is Kim's sister, Marle's only child, so that would be Kim's niece I think. Kim would have loved to be there but is down at the coast on holiday and said she will visit them in Pretoria as soon as she's back.

We are so thankful that everything went well and there were no complications and the baby boy is healthy.

Yesterday, the first working day of 2010 didn't start so good for me but as I said to some staff members things can only get better. With the break inn we had over the weekend they stole our server but it was recovered when they caught the thief. The only problem was that he ripped everything into pieces when he stole it.

We first tried figuring out which cable must go where but with no luck. One thing that was on our side is that we changed from one IT company to another as the previous one just could not maintain and sort out our IT issues.

Being the first day for the new company they were there in a flash and had us up and running just after midday. Guess they had to impress on their first call out. I'm sure if it was still the previous company we would have been without Internet and emails and all the different systems being used to run a dealership up to now

This is a picture as I drove into Springs yesterday morning. The rain is really creating havoc and a lot of accidents are happening with everybody going back to work.

Luckily it is warm and sunny with no rain down at the coast where the family is enjoying themselves. I am flying down to join them tomorrow afternoon and will have a little break with them until Sunday. Dejone is so excited and can't wait to see me (and ViceVersa). Every time she phones or sends a sms she tells me how she is missing me.

The last two days training has been right on schedule, just hope it can stay like that. I won't take my bike with me to the coast and will concentrate on my running and swimming. If we are back early on Sunday I will do my long ride then instead of Saturday.

I am really super excited about my swimming and just need to keep the focus. I compared my times with those of June 2009 when I was also 4 weeks into my 20 week program. I am about 10 seconds per 100 meter faster on average. I now swim constantly between 1:32 and 1:138 per 100 meter.

On this mornings run I continued trying the run/walk technique. It is amazing, I did exactly the same distance during my 50 minute tempo run compared to last week even with the 1 minute walking intervals. The big difference is I run at a faster pace during the 10 minute intervals and I feel stronger later in the run and can maintain a faster pace. All this was done in the prescribed heart rate zone.

I am sure that the pace will even improve more as my fitness improve.

Yesterday's Training:
Swim: 1h18, 3.5km
Bike: 2h15, 76km, 1879kcal,

Today's Training:
Run: 50 minutes 10km, 823kcal, 141 bpm
Bike: 1h00, 32.5km, 661kcal


  1. Very cute addition to your extended family, congratulations. Sounds like you are staying right on cue with your training as it is all coming to an exciting head here soon. It is quite tough having a part-time job like that with all of your family and work obligations.

  2. J, congrats to Kim's sister and the family on the new addition. Cute baby.

    Your swim times look great. I'm going to start the run / walk thing on this weekends long run. Sounds like it's worth trying.

    Have fun on the Coast.


  3. Mark
    Thanks, yes somedays the day can be a little bit on the short side to fit everything in

  4. B
    Yes swimming feels if it's improving.
    When I heard the podcast, to be honest I didn't believe him when he said you will have negative splits and even mention one guy who did a 1h15 for a 21km with this method.
    Only doen two sessions so far and can feel where it is going, no more heavy legs after a while

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog,I'm following you now as well although I'm sure yours is much more interesting!!

    I can't believe that mini-flood you had to drive through.