Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Truth Hurts

I could see during the past few days that the Ironman70.3 I am doing this weekend is bothering Kim and she is not as confident as with previous IM races.

Last night as I drove home I phoned Kim and suggested that we take DJ to the local family restaurant to have something to eat and relax before the new school year starts Wednesday. We had a lovely time and DJ really enjoyed it.

When we arrived home and relaxed in front of the TV after feeding all the animals, Kim said something that hurts but it is the truth. The conversation went something like this.

Kim: Are you ready for Sunday
Johan: No, my training is not at the same level than last year because I took more time off after Kona than what I should have and the concussion also didn't help getting back into shape sooner.

K: Yes I can see you gained a lot of weight since Kona.
J: I know

K: I think you are going to suffer on Sunday.
J: I know

K: I don't think you are going to fit into your race kit
J: I know

K: You must start to get back into your routine and train or you are going to waste your time at IM South Africa in April.
J: "Speechless" [ turning the volume on the TV louder]

It is true when they say that the truth hurts. I was already embarrassed when she said I am not going to fit into my race kit (as it is a tight fit even when I am in shape) but when she made the last remark it came as a shock.

I realized that I can't waste all my energy, time, money and family time just to go to IMSA and participate. When I am going to IMSA, I am going with a goal in my mind.

Although I've been eating healthy, OK 70% healthy and counting the calories I haven't pushed myself to do that little bit extra and committing to 100% training and healthy eating. As of this morning I am really focused to loose the 5kg's I gained since Kona and to loose some more fat to be 100% come April 25 when I am at the start of IMSA.

I know it is to late to try and get in shape before Sunday but if I can eat healthy for 5 days it will be better than not eating healthy until Sunday.

The main problem is not eating too much but just "cheating" at some stage during the day with a chocolate or maybe one beer at night.

Getting a wake up call from someone close to me was just what the doctor ordered and I just had to get that reality shock since Kona. I guess training during winter was hard on the body and the euphoria was still there of me participating in Kona. All this just adds up and it is so easy for the mind to say "take it easy".

I also suddenly remembered what the elderly man said at the gym the other day: Don't stop because one day you won't be able to start and get back into shape again. Not that I stopped but I was not at 100%. I guess I need to start before I am way out of shape and then it takes so much longer.

Today's training:
Bike: 40 min, 23km (10 min Wu, 3x5min all out with 1min rest, 10min Wd), 552kcal, 127bpm
Swim: 55min, 2.5km.


  1. it is so great that Kim is ehre to support you and also to be brutally honest so that you dont dissapoint yourself! I dont have a doubt that you will get to where you need to be for IMSA! Go and get it my friend! Cheers!

  2. I echo Skierz... If it wasn't for our wives we would be a mess... You reminded me, I need to listen to mine more! ;)

  3. Great Post. I know if you suffer on Sunday it'll really motivate you. It would me. haha. Although I am jealous your taking it easy, that will be me next year. Good luck Sunday. I wouldn't be surprised if you surprise Kim and do pretty good.

  4. I need to find more motivation to stick to my diet as well.. there always seems to be a good reason not to. I can't believe you are so close to your race, that's amazing!

  5. There is way enough time to get into shape for IMSA dude. You cant lose your base in a month or two. Its not as if you did nothing. 6 weeks and youll be good to go! Have fun...if things go sour you can always buy a XXL shirt at Mr Price sport! HEHE

  6. John
    Thanks, yes she is a very honest and straight thinking person by nature. I will try and be diplomatic and polite even if I am right but she just say it as it is. That is a good thing I guess, and keeping me focussed.

  7. Chris
    Yes even if we don't want to admit it our wifes are always right, especialy if you are an IM athlete.

  8. S
    Thanks, yes it is so damn hard to eat 100% right all the time. I enjoy my unhealthy food from time to time even if I know it is bad for me.

  9. B
    You're right, last year was almost identical training wise, not weight wise. I said to Kim I use this race as a motivator to perform better at IM. Last year I beat a lot of guys that did better than me at IM70.3 just by staying focussed and motivated, knowing that they did better than me in January.

    Hope you are right and I can pull a surprise on Sunday, that will call for a beer or two to celebrate(haha)

  10. Jakkals
    Thanks, yes luckily there is enough time but you know me I hate losing, so Sunday is going to be hard seeing people in front of me which I normally beat.

    I must maybe have a look if I still have some clothes left of a few years back, then I don't have to go and buy new XXL ones(haha)

  11. Yo hombre, I have to be brutally honest as well. You've really let yourself go. I mean, 5kg's? C'mon already. have you thought about overeaters anonymous? Seriously though—I like to think that your diet will self-regulate as the volume increases. It seems to do that naturally in my case anyway. I like to imbibe from time to time with some choice hops and barley. That is my vice. From the sounds of it, you are both (you and the wifey) type-A. You'll be ready to motor, no doubt.