Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleeping on the Job

On Monday morning as we waited at the airport to board our flight back to Johannesburg I saw this employee of the Airport Company sleeping in the departure hall. At first I thought it was very funny but later I was upset about it.

The wheelchair he is sleeping in is not his and he is not paralyzed. It is one of the wheelchairs they use to assist passengers!

Now I don't know about you but I have never slept at work while I was suppose to work. I go to work to work and go home to sleep. Never mind sleeping at work but to do it in front of your customers!

What is even worse is that we as passengers are customers of the Airlines and of the Airport Company. Now have you ever slept in front of 300 customers?

A lot of passengers were foreigners and I heard people speaking German and even the guy in the tiny tight Pink short of which I posted a picture of on Twitter was Italian and visitors to our Country. I know that because I could hear the air hostess when she talked to them on the plane.

Now everybody is going on about the Soccer World Cup that is starting in June. With this guy sleeping while he is on duty it is definitely not sending out the right message to those foreign visitors to our lovely country.

When we walked through the door to board the plane after a 30 minute delay he leisurely stretched and slowly stood up and walked to the other side of the hall. In total he was sleeping for more than a hour from just after 11am to about 12:30pm while we waited to board the plane. Wonder if he went back to his Wheelchair and slept further later the day as it was just before 1pm when we boarded the plane.

I know this has got nothing to do with Ironman but I just felt like sharing it with someone.


  1. Great post! I have a sore spot for lazy people who abuse the privilege of having a job!
    I am finally back at a computer after a few days for frantic running around*all about skiiing)
    Awesome result on the weekend! Congratulations! for someone who felt unprepared and nervous you posted a result that I would jump over the moon for! Awesome job and wonderful inspiration!
    Happy training!

  2. John
    Yes I also have a thing about lazy people.
    I see you enjoyed the weekend, skiing. You must be so happy in winter.

    Thanks, yes I did surprise myself this weekend.