Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can't Wait

Earlier today I replaced the indoor trainer tyre on my bike with a normal road tyre before I head out on the open road tomorrow. This will be my first outdoor bike session after Winter. All of my training since IM in April was done on the Computrainer.

I am so excited about it and am really looking forward to it no matter what the conditions might be.
While I was busy prepping my bike for tomorrow Kim and DJ went to the Gym for some training and DJ spend some time on the bike.

Today was a rest day for me, training wise and it was really awesome spending time with Kim and DJ after my hectic week. We spend some time at a Fabric shop where they had a look at some new material for DJ for a dance costume. She is dancing in a really big competition mid September and it is sort of the grand finale of this year.

She wants a new costume for this one as she feels her current costume is not shiny enough. After that we spend some time at the Mall and finished our day with a nice lunch.

This afternoon my sister invited us to come and watch the rugby test between South Africa and New Zealand at their place. Luckily it's only a 30 seconds walk to their place, haha.

Yesterday I did my run session before I left Sun City after the conference and I could feel all the overindulging of this past week and especially the last two days when I ran. The training included 3 x 1.5km intervals. I could only manage a 4:01min/km, a 3:55min/km and a 3:57min/km pace for the three intervals but at least I pushed through.

If it wasn't for the awesome scenery I'm sure I would have quit after the first interval. I ran around the Gary Player Golf Course. They have this great running route going around the course.

Below are some pictures Kim took this past week at her work during the national strike. Most of the Government employees are striking for higher salaries. They started to become violent and threw this canopy against the entrance and smashed the windows.

They even blocked the road the next day and Kim and some other lady employees had to move the big dustbin to clear the entrance to go home. On Friday it was just too dangerous and she left at about 10am. It is amazing how most of these people are striking for a 1% difference in salary increase between what they were offered and their demand but they've lost more pay due to the "no work, no pay" policy.

This coming week the teachers are going on strike and they declared the school closed for the week. DJ's so upset about this as they had to cancel their Revue performance which was suppose to be this coming week and also the provincial hockey trials where she's been invited to for trials.

Below is the route I ran at Sun City. If you click on the Satelite icon you get a good idea of what the golf course look like.

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  1. Leave it to Gary Plater the fitness guru to include a great fitness path around the golf course! Your winter is already over....which means ours is not far ahead:(