Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Wheels and some Pedals

Just an update on my bike situation. I took my P4 to Cycle Tech, my not local but only bike shop I deal with on Monday morning first thing.

I bought it new from them and they handle all my bike related issues. The agent for Cervelo in South Africa, Emotion Cycling came and fetch the bike on Tuesday and took some pictures and submitted a report to Cervelo HQ.

This morning Marco, the owner of CycleTech phone me and asked me to submit an email to Emotion Cycling as to exactly what happened. I did so immediately and later today I received an email back from Emotion Cycling to report back that they did submit some extra pictures and my email to Cervelo HQ.

I guess it's now a waiting game to see what will happen next but it is now in the hands of Cervelo HQ in Canada. Really hope those Canadians don't disappoint.

Luckily Marco helped me out with a loan bike in the meantime so my training can continue without any major disruptions. He initially said he will give me an Argon18 TT bike to use but then he gave me this Look road bike (picture above). Well as my friend Rob said yesterday to me: As long as it got two wheels and some pedals you can continue with your training.

I am glad he could help me out with a bike and I fitted my saddle and Zipp Wheel with the PowerTap to it so my bike training with power can continue. Thanks Marco

Yesterday's Training:
Run: 45min, 9.7km, 4:39min/km(endurance pace)

Today's Training:
Gym: 1hr
Swim: 59min, 2.7km


  1. Not a bad replacement. Wish I could help you with a Token Momenta until you get 'matilda' back ;-))))

  2. Let it ride! Might be nice to change it up for a bit then get regular ride back?