Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy and Frustrated

Guess Monday won't be Monday if there's not some sort of hick up during the day. It was a great day until I arrived at the Optometrist for my 4pm appointment. When I walked in and told the receptionist that I am here for my appointment to sort out my contact lenses and she had this look on her face I could see trouble.

She had a look in the book (think it was just to play for time or think of how she will break the news to me) and said my appointment was cancelled by the optometrist as she had something else to attend too and they should have notified me. Only problem is nobody notified me!

I think if it was the first visit or even the second one, I would have said OK but I've been visiting them too often to sort out the lenses and I said I will find another Optometrist and ask them to just get my prescriptions from them.

Not being able to sort out the lenses made me decide to just call it a day. I wasn't rude and spoke calmly without getting excited but she could see that I had enough.

The first pair of lenses had perfect vision but was irritating my eyes. She then ordered another pair and they were just wrong. If I wanted to hamper my vision, they were the ones. I couldn't even see straight or read with them in my eyes.

Hope I can sort out these contacts before I give up and revert back to my glasses.

On a much happier note my new running shoes arrived today. I just could not run any further with the K-Swiss shoes as they were giving me blisters all over, especially when I do speed work. I guess they work for a lot of people but they ain't working for me.

I decided to go back to Newton shoes but the problem is there is no stock of the Racers in South Africa and I am not paying more to get the shoes from the US than what the actual shoe cost. In the Newton range I only had one choice and that was the Sir Isaac Guidance trainer. Not what I wanted but I'll take a chance with them.

The racers will be available in South Africa September or early October and by that time this pair will be almost done.

Another positive from today was due to the cancelled appointment I could do my swim training earlier at the gym before the rush hour after everybody finished work.

Training for the day:
Swim: 28:30min, 1.5km


  1. Interesting shoe choice. It's a pity that some brands have such a small range in SA.

  2. Hey...let me know how you like those. I really want to get a pair of newtons but I'm not sure shich type.