Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank You, Cervelo!

Thank You , Cervelo for excellent service. It really surpassed my expectation.

To be honest, after the mishap on Sunday I was really concerned about sorting out my problem with Cervelo. People that follow my blog for more than a year will know about the posts of my experiences and frustrations last year when I couldn't get the bike I've ordered.

To refresh your memory, after putting down a deposit on the P4 when I ordered it, I had to wait more than a year to get the bike and after plenty emails enquiring about the bike.

But I must say I am really impressed with their service this time and also at how quickly they've resolved it. It took them only 3 days to give me an answer and also one I am pleased with.

I received an email today from Emotion Cycling to confirm that my claim has been approved and they will replace my faulty frame.

When they asked me to submit an email yesterday explaining what happened, I did mention in the email that I am still experiencing problems with the seat post slipping while riding and that the seat post clamp is not working 100%. I have complained about this previously and they did supply me with another seat post but the problem was still there.

Well in today's email they confirmed that they are replacing my frame due to the faulty seat post clamp and not due to the derailleur that broke. They said that to proof that the derailleur broke due to a defect would be a very lengthy process which can take months.

The other good news is that they are replacing my 2009 model with a 2010 model. Apparently on the 2010 models they've sorted the seat post clamp issue out.

Now it is just a waiting game as the frame is coming from Canada. They did say in the email that they will give me an estimate delivery date tomorrow. In the mean time I still have the Look bike I can use.

On that note I just need clarify something. I am very grateful for the bike Marco loaned me and am in no way looking down at the bike. It is one awesome and very light bike with top of the range components. This will be my first time on a road bike since October 2008 when I sold mine as I do all my training on my TT bike.

Why the explanation? Kim don't read my blog often. To be honest if she reads it once a month I think that would be a lot but due to the current strike we have she has plenty of time on hand as the striking workers prevent her from gaining access to her work place.

With all these free time she's having, she's been on my blog this week and tonight she told me that my wording and the way I wrote last nights post, it sounded that I am looking down on the Look Bike and are being disrespectful towards the loan bike situation.

That's why I just need to clarify it, I am very grateful and appreciate the loan bike a lot.

Today was a rest day training wise.

Picture at the top is of Matilda after I got her last year, R.I.P. Matilda.


  1. I am not going to lie to you. Matilda honestly looks like some sort of amazing assault vehicle. If I had a bike that looked like that, I think I would be unbeatable, people would look at it and run away peeing their pants.

    I love the all black, she looks stealthy!

    On another note, its always good to see a company making good on their product. I do not however like that they are skirting around the issue that the frame broke at the derailer and they are "replacing your frame due to the seat clamp issue". Seems like they are trying to avoid a bigger issue or something?

  2. I'm so glad they are sorting this out for you.

    HI KIM from Adena in Canada!!

  3. I'd be one of those people peeing my pants.

  4. Matty
    Yes I must say the P4 is one super bike and I also prefer the all black colour than all these bright colours.
    But as they say "The Machine doesn't make the Man" otherwise I will win all my races.

    Agree with you on the warranty issue but I am just glad they are replacing it, I know the derailleur broke. Just glad they replaced frame so quickly, wasn't up to battling with them for months about derailleur.

    I am sure they will do tests on the derailleur when they have the frame back at HQ

  5. Hi Adena
    Thanks, yes I am so glad everything worked out

  6. Quinton
    Haha, you run faster than what I bike.

  7. We loved Matilda. She was good to you and treated you well. We'll miss her. Well done to Cervelo for "making a plan". Sometimes people have to find loopholes to do the right thing.

    You will have to start thinking of a new name for the new bike.....Electra? Mystique? Konette? The Terminatrix?

  8. Glad they are sorting this out so quickly. Matilda certainly looks awesome. Yes, a new name... I like all RobbyRicc's suggestions but somehow I don't think you'll go from Matilda to any of those names.