Sunday, August 15, 2010

A New Life

Yesterday Kim, DJ, Heloise and my Mother attended a Mother and Daughter day at DJ's school during the morning and Kim and DJ went to visit Kim's sister during the afternoon as she had a baby boy (Aiden) last Monday. They stay in Middelburg, about a 30 minute drive and Kim and DJ enjoyed it so much they only arrived back home at about 7pm and it was already dark.

Congratulations Renier and Marle with the birth of Aiden

I was a bit worried as I don't like it when Kim drives at night, nothing wrong with her driving skills but I'm worried about our fellow Witbank residents.

Kim with her nieces son who also visited

While they were visiting her sister I fitted the gate motor that was repaired and also did my run session. I couldn't get the remotes coded and had to postpone it to today. I always struggle with those damn things.

The school hall looking great at the Mother/Daughter day

Today after church I tried again after reading on the web how to code the remotes. Luckily I got it right and our gate is not in "manual" mode anymore. I did post a tweet about the type of people I dealt with when I looked for people to fix it.

First of I had the lazy guy, he looked at the motor and said he can't repair it, I must buy a new one. The second guy was the greedy one, he gave me a quote of R2000 to repair it, almost the price of a new one. Lucky for me I met the honest guy, he repaired it for R750 and reconditioned the whole motor even giving me a new outside cover.

I guess it's no surprise that you get honest, lazy and greedy people no matter what the situation is in Life

After I coded the remotes it was time for my brick session, I was tempted to do it outside as it was such a lovely sunny day but that would have meant biking in the dark. I had no option but the Computrainer.

Next weekends ride will definitely be outside, if the weather stay this way.

My brick session consisted of a 3h15 bike ride and a 1 hour run session. The 3h15 bike session didn't scare me but what was "inside" that 3h15 scared me a lot.

I had 4x30 minutes intervals, two of which were to be done at Ironman race pace and the other two at slightly above Ironman race pace with recovery intervals in between. During the last two sessions I was hanging on for dear life.

The run session that followed was even worse and I realized very quickly how far I am away from Ironman race fitness but just coming out of Winter, one can understand. All I know there is a lot of hard work waiting. I only did about 30 minutes running as it felt like someone was driving nails into my legs and I didn't want to injure myself just as Summer is approaching.

This coming week is another hectic one but coach did adjust my program for me to get to training while away. I have a meeting down at the coast at another Dealership on Tuesday and is flying down on Monday night.

Then I will be home on Tuesday night before leaving for an Audi conference at Sun City from Wednesday to Friday. All my training will be running or swimming with my bike sessions being arranged for Wednesday morning and another Brick session on Sunday.

Today's Training:
Bike: 3h15, 107.8km, 140bpm ave, 3057kcal, 32.8km/h
Run: 28:40min, 5.5km, 143bpm, 461kcal, 5:15min/km


  1. Your IM fitness will come - like you said, you are just coming out of winter!

    Mother/daughter day sounds pretty cool!

  2. Congrats on the newest edition to the family. Very cute baby. Looks like DJ would like a little brother or sister. haha