Thursday, August 19, 2010

From East to West

As I said on Sunday this week's going to be hectic and I was spot on. Flew down to Kwazulu Natal's South Coast which is actually the east side of South Africa on Monday for a dealer meeting and were back home at 9pm on Tuesday night.

I just love going to KZN and spending time at the South Coast, I just get that relaxed feeling when I'm down there. Know a lot of people don't like the south coast but I would live their any day. The picture above was from the balcony overlooking the Port Shepstone sea

Wednesday morning I was back at work and left the dealership at 1pm driving to the west part of the country to Sun City for an Audi conference. It's the same venue where me and Kim attended the VW Vivo launch beginning of the year.

This picture was as I was about 10km from the venue and just before the sun set. Today it was the conference and tomorrow morning I am driving back to the dealership to catch up on everything that happened during the week.

One thing about conferences is the food, one of my weaknesses. I just can't say no to all these lovely different food and I can almost feel the weight gaining by the minute.

Tomorrow morning's "Interval" Run session couldn't have come at a "better" time. I guess PR's won't be on the cards tomorrow morning.

My bike training yesterday was one of those tough ones. It was 7x3 minutes all out with 3 minutes recovery between sets. I guess I am slowly making progress and something my coach like. Got an email today from my coach about the session. It read: ".....watts! These are awesome Johan"

I like those emails, just give me that extra lift and motivation. Better than the one I got about two weeks ago where coach asked why I dropped almost 20 watts between my first and last set of another bike session. Obviously a 20 watts drop meant much more to my coach than to me.

One thing I can say about joining CTS and having a coach giving me constant feedback and pushing me is that I can feel I am getting stronger by the week. I am still getting out of Winter and haven't put on the big miles but my performance is definitely improving, especially my bike, and that I like.

I am so excited about it and can't wait for my first longer distance race, beginning of October. Although it is not long distance it is closer to IM distance than the sprint distance racing I did during the winter. The Afriman Duathlon distance was released last week and I was disappointed. It will be a 10km run, 77km bike and 5km run.

It is not as long as 5 years ago when I did my first one which were 18km run, 90km bike and 10km run.

Every year the distance decreased, last year it was 12/80/6 and the year before that it was 14/80/7. Hope it won't be a sprints distance soon.

Just had to add this picture. As I arrived home Tuesday night I was having a beer and chatting to Kim while watching TV(in bed) and Eddy was just harassing me to grab the beer from me. Eventually when I finished the beer I gave the bottle to him and he was having a ball. My kind of dog.

OK, that's it, off to dinner and some more food and drinks. haha


  1. Great pictures but Eddy and the beer is my favourite. How long before your winter is over? I am not looking forward to winter here, I just started having some fun on the bike and soon it will be all trainer rides and spin classes for me. Maybe I should move.

  2. Dinner and Drinks on the work exccursions hard to overcome!
    Interesting regarding the watt drop and message from your coach, as well as the email lift and motivation, sounds like you are liking it

  3. J, you're now convinicng me I need a power meter. I'm just scared, it sounds hard riding to watts.