Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still no Feeling

This past weekend when we were down at the coast for DJ's dance competition I walked past this Ice Rink at the shopping centre. As I walked past I got some flash backs of my little mishap last November on the Ice Rink when we had DJ's birthday party. (Scroll down to the bottom of the post to read about the mishap)

I teased Kim and said I am going skating after lunch but the remarks and looks I got wasn't funny and I understand why.

It's been more than 8 months since my mishap and I still have no feeling to part of my face. During my visit to the ER that day the doctor did explain to me, after I asked him about the side of my face being numb, that it's the nerves that got damaged and it will take up to 6 months for the feeling to come back.

The feeling to most of the left side of my face did come back but a small part of my lip is still numb and if I touch it my nose starts to itch. I guess I must go and see a doctor but I already know the answer. "The feeling might come back after some months or it might never come back".

It's not really bothering me apart from the odd occasion when I touch my lip and my nose start itching.

Training's been good so far this week apart from my left hamstring cramping during Thursday's bike session. It was another Steady State interval session but this time it was 3x20 minutes instead of 3x15 minutes. The first two was spot on but during the last one I cramped and tried easy pedalling before going again but with no luck.

I had no choice but to abandon the session. Good thing it happened during last interval as I could still manage a good 1h14 session covering 42.5km. Luckily during today's run the hamstring was fine but the real test will be tomorrow during my brick session which will include another 2x20minute SS intervals.

Today's Training:
Run: 1h10, 15.2km including 2x5km tempo run during main interval.

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  1. That is some injury you had! I couldn't read the details too much (weak stomach) but the picture said enough for me.