Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mini Vacation

DJ was participating in a dance competition over the long weekend and with us leaving one day earlier and making it a four day weekend it felt like a mini vacation.

We left on Thursday afternoon on our 7 hour (including stop overs for fuel and food) drive and arrived down at the coast just before midnight. We couldn't fly down as Kim had some furniture and stuff she wanted to take down to the apartment and that just meant some extra work for me.
Luckily I had no training on my schedule for Friday and we explored the new Shopping Centre/Mall that opened recently and is just ten minutes down the road from our apartment.

I knew I was in trouble when Kim said, "I love this Mall and it is so close to our apartment" and said that we don't have to drive to the other two big shopping mall that's close to Durban (which is more than a 30 minute drive) as this one has everything.

Me and DJ having fun at the game arcade in the Mall
We spent most of the day at the Mall and just had enough time explore the beach before we took DJ down to the dance registration which opened at 5pm.

I even gave DJ some Golf lessons and I can't even play Golf. Some Friends were also down for the competition and seeing that we drove down and they flew down we offered to take the Husband's Golf clubs down in the car. While we waited for them to come and fetch the clubs me and DJ made full use of it. Kim wasn't happy but we loved it.
Don't think they read my blog but if they do, Sorry, I know people don't like it when other use their clubs but we couldn't resist.

Saturday and Sunday it was just dance from the morning to the evening and DJ did very well. She's a bit disappointed but I am happy. I must say I think she set herself very high standards even at her age.

This is her first year participating in competitions and on Saturday she reached the semi-final in both the slow dance and freestyle section. On Sunday they combined the divisions and she then made it to the quarter final in the slow dance section.

With her falling out earlier on Sunday we were able to get to the beach one more time before we had to drive back on Monday morning. For once the family didn't have to fall in with my training schedule but I arranged my training according to DJ's dance and Kim's shopping schedule.

Luckily my training wasn't that hectic and I only had 3 run sessions planned for the weekend as I didn't took my bike along and my coach rearranged my training plan accordingly.

I must say that this break is just what I needed and I relaxed and enjoyed it 100%. I think I also caught up on sleep, before I knew it I was gone at 9pm in the evenings and only woke up at 7am the next morning.

The weekend wasn't without drama and this idiot tried to push start his car and pushed it right into the back of the Bus. The best of it all was he and his friend were pushing the car with no one inside.
Lucky for me I was outside in the parking area when it happened otherwise I think they would have just left without saying anything.

When I asked him why do you try and push start the car without anybody in the car, he said they first wanted to get momentum before getting behind the wheel, Idiot.

As I saw it happened, I just knew it when I looked at the car, they had no insurance and also had no money to pay for the damages. Even the license on the car has expired.
Kim said afterwards that she is proud of me for not losing my temper as I was upset but kept my calm. I used to be a guy who would first hit and then asked questions but I wasn't going to let this hick up spoil our weekend.

Today reality struck as I had two meeting which kept me busy all day and it didn't get any easier with a 1h15 bike session after work which included 3x15min at my SS(steady state) pace

Run: 42:45min, 8.5km(fartleks 5x2min with my best 2 minutes average at 3:00/km)
Run: 1h27, 17.9km
Run: 1h00, 12.7km

Bike: 1h15, 44.2km( main set 3 x15minutes at SS pace)


  1. J, I like the training stats. Very different that MAO. Interesting to compare.

    Must say DJ looks like a natural dancer and looking at that beer in your hand is making me thirsty at 40C here. I'm fighting the urge, but I think maybe one. haha.

    I like how you "kept your cool", I know exactly how you felt. I guess we are maturing nicely. haha


  2. Your former temper is a bit like you race: hit first, ask questions later. ;o) There's some wisdom in there somewhere.

    DJ's form looks pretty good to me. I wish I had that flexibility in my back. The sky is the limit for her me thinks.

  3. B
    Yes agree it is very different to MAO. I surprised myself, keeping my cool, must be the ageing.
    Thanks, yes DJ is a far better dancer than what her dad will ever be

    Haha, I am not that aggressive, Yes I also wish I had the flexibility and dancing skills of DJ