Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In the Company of Champions

To be successful I believe you need to be in the company of champions. I am not saying you only need to spend time with champions but most of your time should be spend with winners, go-getter's, people with a purpose in life, people to whom you can look up to. My Family is just one of the many champions I spend a lot of time with. They motivate me and always support me.

The people I associate myself with, which I call my friends are also champions. I am not saying for one moment I am a snob or think I am better than other people but I will do my utmost to motivate and uplift people. But if such a person don't want to be a winner I move on and spend that time with my friends that lifts me up and motivates me. Everyone of my friends motivates me in a different way. It is words such as " I want to encourage you to keep on training hard, it is not by chance that you are going to Kona!" and "You are an inspiration for me" and " good things happen to good people" that really uplifts me. It is also my purpose to motivate my friends.

Even if you are looking at a coach to help you with your training you must have a champion as a coach (Luis Varges & Mark Allen from http://www.markallenonline.com/)
Who wants to be trained by a loser.

I had a visit this afternoon from Jacques(trijackal) and he is such a champion, just talking to him makes you feel like a champion. He has so much energy, on the move all the time.

When reading Raoul de Jongh's blog page (http://www.urban-ninja.co.za/) you immediately realize you are the company of a champion. Whenever I need some motivation I just read some of his articles, so inspiring.

Another champion I spend some time with although it is only via emails and Internet is Bryan Payne (http://www.trainingpayne.blogspot.com/). This guy has achieved so much. He lost over 50lbs after he made his triathlon comeback after 11 years. Just saw on his blog tonight he got hit by a truck today while cycling, but he got up and finished his ride-- that's a champion!!!!

Me and Trijackal at Ironman 70.3

I've met Stephan Bayliss winner of Ironman South Africa 2008 after we started communicating via email. He is such an inspiration when you talk to him, and is never shy on giving some advice.

I guess you get the picture, to strive for to become a champion you must be in constant company of champions. From your family to your friends, to your fellow workers. From the person that's doing my finances, investments and tax returns to my doctors and physio-- all are champions.
Even my friend who is a pastor an inspires me on a religious level is a champion

But most importantly being a Christian, I am always in the company of another champion-- Jesus Christ.

Without being motivated and uplifted by these winners it would not have been possible to have this piece of paper in my hand saying " Congratulations, you have qualified to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii on October 10.

Today's workout:
Run: 41 min, 8.5 km, 141 bpm ave, 630 kcal.


  1. Have really enjoyed the last two blogs. Inspirational.

  2. Thanks, reading your blog really inspire me too