Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Misty Mornings here again

This morning was what I was waiting for to happen. The misty season has officially start.

The highway I take to work(N12) is famous for the heavy mist on it and the highway gets closed often because you just can't see the road in front of you. This morning was not that bad with vehicles slowing down to about 60km/h.

This will now continue for the next four months until Spring arrives late August/September.

Was suppose to do a run and swim today and started with a nice 7km run this morning. According to my watch the temperature was 14 degrees, and you can feel it is getting real nippy in the morning.

On my way back from work tonight I stopped at McCarthy VW to pick up some alloy wheels for a vehicle we bought from them. Then it was off to the Vets racing Bike meeting. The local cycling club is putting together a Vets racing team to participate in some local races. This is going to be real fun and I am looking forward to it.

When I left the meeting it was just after 7:30 and I was suppose to go and do my 2.5km swim. After IM I really struggle with the motivation and decided to give it a skip. It feels that there is no specific race I am training for, as my IM Hawaii training starts 25 May and it is really difficult to keep to my training schedule. Guess it will be back to normal soon, with IM memories almost something of the past.

I also think I am not really into the swimming now, still being disappointed about my swim time. If you consider I've put in 30% more into it than last year and my time was only 30 seconds faster. A world class triathlete once said that Biking is his passion, running his talent and swimming his work. Well I guess I don't have a talent but Cycling and running is my passion as I really enjoys it but swimming is my work, just can't get the hang of it.

Dejone was awarded today at school when it opened as one of the top 5 learners in her grade. I am so proud of her, definitely she didn't get her brains from her father. Her 1st term average was 90.3%. Well done DJ, I am so proud of you.

Today's workout

Run: 33:35 min, 6.9 km, 133 bpm ave, 473 kcal, 4:54 min/km, stride length: 113 cm.


  1. Hey Johan, what sort of technology are you using for stride length?

  2. Hi Bryan.
    I am using the Polar RS800cx sport watch. with the footpod I wear it gives you a lot of features such as stride length, cadence, pace.
    it also give you a running index which you can compare with a chart Polar supply to see what shape you are in, and to predict marathon times.
    You just need to calibrate the pod when you get it and then it does the measurement auto everytime you run.