Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Use what you have available

Last year July as part of a project from our company, we visited some schools in the rural area of Mpumalanga that don't have all the luxuries we have and rely on sponsors to provide the necessary to maintain the school and supply education to the children. I was shocked when I saw the condition of these schools but the one school (Norden Primary)touched my heart.

The people are so proud of what they have and even the entrance to the school is decorated and they are so proud of the entrance to the school. Here's a picture of Dejone at the schools entrance. After we handed over some books and stationary to the children, I was presented with a traditional blanket to thank me for our sponsor.

These children attend school and are teached in classrooms like the one above. There is no electricity and the roof is only partially covered meaning that if it rains the classroom is flooded. They also need to share tables and equipment, but what amazed me about these children is that they see this as normal and are so keen to learn that these things don't stand in their way and they don't see it as obstacles.

Today I though of those children again after I've done my purchase for a Swim skin speed suit. For the last week I've been searching the Internet to find the "best" one on the market as I need one for my swim leg in Kona and after all the comparisons I've decided to go for the Blue Seventy Point Zero3+.

Then reality kicked in when I tried to find the suit in South Africa. There is only one company who distributes them in South Africa, but because there is such a limited demand for these suits in SA, they only import the short sleeve version. I then had to settle for my second choice a Zoot Ultra Long. The store only had one speed suit left and luckily it was my size. They gave it to me for cost because they've been having it in stock for so long. The only positive was that they had the Zoot shoes also on special because of the lack of sales.

In the past I've ordered anything I needed from the USA from companies such as Trisports or Trivillage and it will arrive within a week. But that is expensive as you need to pay courier charges, tax and import duties on top of the normal price. When I go onto the web and look at all the triathlon gear available in the USA, it makes me sad when I see what is available in South Africa.

But I guess it brings me back to the beginning of the post. Use what you have available to excel in what you do. I am living in South Africa and don't have all the gear available that the people in America have and unless I pay a fortune to get these equipment I must be satisfied with what I have.

The most important thing is I am doing Ironman's because I enjoy it and not because of all the high tech stuff that is available.

Today's workout:

Run: 35:42 min, 7.3 km, 137 bpm ave, 537 kcal, 4:54 min/km, 90 rpm.

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