Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holiday almost over

Well the one week holiday is almost over and it is back to training this week. Must say I had a real nice break even if it was just for a week. One week of not thinking about what workout is next and what to eat, just chilling out and eating and drinking what I want.

The whole week was so relaxing and to spend all my time my Dejone was so nice. I suppose it is then also appropriate to close the week of with a nice braai ( barbecue) with the family. We've hidden just a handful of Easter eggs for Dejone to find before we started with the braai.

But I must say I am now at that point where you start missing the workouts and can't wait to get back into the usual routine again.

I will follow a six week maintenance program just to get back into the motion and get my fitness level back on track. Then on 25 May I will start my 20 week Performance program to prepare me for Ironman World Championships in Hawaii on the 10th of October.

It is going to be a real challenge as we enter winter soon and I usually switch to Duathlon specific training during the winter. Swimming is going to be a first this winter.

I also plan on getting my weight down to my race weight during my 6 weeks of maintenance training as I think I concentrated to much on getting my weight at the right level during the last few weeks of Ironman South Africa, I could feel that some days I was feeling a little bit weak, especially during those high mileage workouts.

My training plan for the week starts with a 1.5 hour cycle and a 40 minute tempo run on Tuesday.

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