Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in the Groove

Well after almost two weeks leave and one week of no training I was back at it today.

Yesterday was a public holiday and it was a real sunny day, one of those days that you just want to be outside. I decided to give my bike a good was, think it deserves a good scrub and it was about time.

This morning was a shock to the system waking up at 5. Funny how one's body adapt. Not long ago I was doing my workouts at 4 in the morning and now I struggle to wake up at five. Went for a easy half an hour run and I must say it was better than what I expected.

Being back at work and having a very busy day was I think more of a shock to the system than the early wake up call and the running. At around 2 pm I was hoping the day would end but the last few hours before 5 felt like forever.

My PC at home has been giving be trouble since the weekend and my friend, Glen who knows more about computers than your average guy came to sort it out. He is so good at what he does but I guess if that's what you do for a living, you get better by the day.

I was suppose to do an easy 90 minutes bike this evening but with Glen sorting out my computer I decided to give it a miss. With my peak performance plan only starting end of May, I think I can afford to skip a session or two.

Dejone is also back at school tomorrow with the new school term starting. I can see that she is beginning to think about going to school tomorrow and her best friend won't be there. She talks a lot about Jessikay that won't be there and her new life in New Zealand. Just be strong my girl.

Today's workout

Run: 27:52 min, 5.5 km, 132 bpm ave, 385 kcal, 5:05 min/km, cadence ave 90.

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