Thursday, April 2, 2009

Team Stemmet has arrived

First of all I want to apologise for not posting since Monday. The week was so busy, and last night I started but develop such a head ache that I had to stop. Not that the head ache was something serious. You see my mother makes the best fudge I've ever eaten and she made some fudge and guess what I ate way too much and the sugar gave me this head ache. Stupid but worth the head ache.

We are finally settled in, arrived today in Port Elizabeth the host city of the South African Ironman. One thing I can say, it's not easy if 6 people are traveling by air with 130kg of baggage including a bike. Had to pay R296 penalty for the excess weight. After we arrived I went to the registration venue and picked up my race pack before the rush. Then it was that dreadful job of setting up the bike after I dismantled it only 24 hours ago.

Went for my bike workout this afternoon (40 km out and back on part of IM route) and I must say I felt great. Hope it can be the same on Sunday. I owe it to Suzie (nickname for my bike, but that's another day's story) to have a blast on the bike on Sunday as it will be my last competition ride on her. I am getting my new bike end of April. I was flying and my heart rate was running at 130 bpm, well with in my training zone for the workout. I am so glad I brought my Zipp 404 front wheel, think I am going to use it on Sunday. I was using the Zipp 1080 front and back wheel today and the wind was bad, had me all over the road like a ball inside a pinball machine.
The wind was coming from the front, back , side, it was everywhere.

After the bike went for a 30 minute run and all according to schedule. What a feeling running part of the IM route and having a sea view the same time. The vibe is starting to build up and as you run you can see runners wearing their green armbands, stating that these are all IM participants.

I BIG shout out to Marius and Jackie, (who lives in New Zealand now) got a sms today from them wishing me well. I was so surprised to get a message from them. They both are Ironman finishers and it's there "fault" for introducing me to Ironman. Thank you for the message I really appreciate it

Also had a message from Jakkals, Bryan Payne, Johann de Klerk, Etresia(my sister) and Warren. Thanks guys it really gives me a boost when I get all these messages.

Well tomorrow is a rest day with no training, just taking it easy.

Please feel free to leave a comment on the blog, all the messages and encouragements helps a LOT.

Today's workout's

Bike: 1h17, 40.4 km, 130 bpm ave, 1053 kcal

Run: 27 min, 5.7 km 133 bpm ave.

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