Sunday, April 5, 2009

226 km to GO, let's to it

Well all I can say is Let's to it. Woke up this morning at 4 am, and the hotel served a continental breakfast. Had muesli and yoghurt and a bun. I've got all my race stuff on and are ready to go and fit all my nutrition onto my bike. The wind is so calm this morning, can't believe it, hope it can stay that way.

Had an email this morning from Luis Vargas, my coach from, wishing me well.

This is a real encouragement to me, the training has been spot on and I've trained harder this year than the two before. I can't wait to go out and give my best.

For those who wants to follow. You can do so on and go to athlete tracker. Go to the south african Ironman.

My race number is 686.

For the ones in South Africa you can sms my race NR(686) to 32069 and you will get messages during the day.

Well let me go down to transition and check my bike and then start with all my pre race prep. before it is time to do it at 7 am


  1. Whey to go Johan, I was waiting until you finished so I could go on my long bike. You had an awesome bike ride. It looks like it was pretty windy. Great Job!!!


  2. Thanks Bryan, I appreciate it so much. Waiting to do your long ride to check results. Thats Ironman spirit