Saturday, April 18, 2009

Listen to your coach

I've decided to participate in the Mpumalanga (for my International friends something like State/Regional) championships today. This was a decision that was only taken this week as it was held in Witbank my home town. As I worked today I was glad that it only started at 2pm with me going off just before 4pm so I could first go to work this morning.

During the Time Trial I've asked myself more than once, what is the use of having a coach if you don't listen to him. Surely that is why I have a coach, because they know more than you that's why they are the coach and you are the athlete.

You see since I finished Ironman South Africa two weeks ago I have done the minimum, you can actually say I have done nothing since. I was suppose to start with some easy swim and bike workouts last week and some running this week. Last week I have absolutely done nothing and this week I only did 2 easy run sessions, 1 swim session and a gym session Thursday( big mistake).

Mark Allen wrote an article in the "Road to Kona" supplement for Triathlete magazine where he gave a breakdown of the first three weeks after an Ironman and what to do. In the article he said that after two weeks you will feel fully recovered but you are actually not and that you need to start with light training as soon as possible to get all the metabolic waste out of the system.

I think you know were I am going too. I did not listen and did nothing in the two weeks even if I had a program to follow and it is not a heavy program for the following six weeks. Thought that I feel good after two weeks but my legs felt tired and there was no leg speed.

Luckily the Time Trial was just for fun but I think I will feel it tomorrow. Thanks to Jakkals, Johann and Warren who came to support all the cyclist at the time trial. I think everybody including me appreciate the support, thanks guys. Also thanks to Jakkals for the TT picture.

Earlier today when I came back from work Kim surprised me by getting me some Red roses( my favourite) and she placed it next to my PC. Guess she know I will see them if it is next to the computer. This was really nice, thank you Kim Luv u lots.
Time Trial:
20 km, 32:58 min, 166bpm ave, 37.3 km/h, 82rpm, 683 kcal.
Power data: 330 watts ave, 965 watts max,

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