Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After 5 days away from home we arrived back late this afternoon. DJ and her little poodle (Dolly) was so happy to see each other. They are so close together and I could see today they really missed each other. For a moment tonight I thought that DJ's got a poodle attached to her body.

The bad thing about getting home is that the journey is over but the unpacking still needs to be done. I don't like it but I force myself every time I fly to take my bike out of the bike cage and reassemble it. Don't want to take it out in a few days and then realize that something happened to it, while traveling.

After all the unpacking was done, we had some pizza for dinner, real treat after all the travel. Dejone was so tired she was still watching some TV with Kim and the next moment she fell asleep in our bed. I could not resist of taking a picture, she looked so relaxed.

Dejone was so glad when I told her that I am only going back to work next Tuesday. With her being at home during the school holiday I think she's going to keep me real busy. She's already planned all these things for us to do this week.

I am still taking it easy and will go for an easy swim(10 min) tomorrow just to get the muscles moving. Will just keep moving this week and will start training next week to slowly get back in my routine.

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