Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank You

When you decide to do an Ironman you don't realize how many people is involved and all the people that have a part in your dream. It is not only your direct family but all those people around you.

Tonight a BIG THANK YOU goes out to everybody that helps me do what I love and helping me achieve my dream.

I have showed Team Stemmet tonight the surprise I had for them. I have printed their names on my pants and also the names of my father and mother in-law who both past away.

They were so touched by this but I must thank them for all their support during the past year, in preparing for Sunday's event.

One only realize when you are at this stage of the whole journey how much they sacrifices to support you. All of their support and understanding are so special.

Then to all my friends thank you for your support, all the encouragement and keeping me motivated. I really appreciate it.

Their is also all the other people that are involved in one's preparation who don't even know they are part of your dream. Here I think about my co-workers, the doctors, physio and the people were I get my massages.

Tomorrow will be the last bit of preparation, doing a 15 minute cycle, 15 minute run and 500 meter swim.

Then it is race briefing at 1pm before Dejone participates in the IronKidz mini triathlon at 3pm.

She is so excited about it and she will be doing it in her new trisuit she got yesterday at the expo. A nice mini trisuit branded with the IronKidz Logo. She even got a mini "temp" tattoo of the Ironkidz logo on her shoulder today at the expo.

After that it's time for me to go and rack my bike and hand in my bike and run bags.

The wind picked up later today and it is real windy tonight. During the morning it is not that bad but gets worse as the day progress. Hope the weather can clear before Sunday.

Today was a rest day with no training, just relaxing and chilling out the whole day.

Thank you again to everyone for all your support, now it is my turn to show my appreciation my finishing the IM on Sunday.

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  1. Johan good luck tomorrow. Try to get a good sleep, race hard and enjoy it. I looked on the SAIM website but didn't see an athlete tracker. Hopefully they have one for tomorrow. I'll get up early and check.

    You've worked really hard, relax and I'm sure you'll do well.