Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's Rack and Roll

Well the bike is racked and it is almost time to roll. Today was a very busy day, not what I wanted. I was up early this morning and did my pre race bike and run. After that I went down to the sea and did a 400m swim. The sea is colder than what I expected but I got used to it quickly.

I struggled to keep my heart rate below the 138 bpm max that I was suppose to. Don't know if it is the excitement, had to take it real slow and as soon as I start to go a bit faster my heart rate shot up. Especially on the run, just the opposite of Thursday's workouts.

The rest of the morning I packed all my bags and made sure my bike was ready. Went down to race briefing at 1 pm and were back at the hotel at 2 pm.

Dejone did the Ironkidz mini event today which started at 3pm. It was so much fun. It was a 100 meter swim followed by a 2 km run. The atmosphere were grazy, those kids really go wild and have so much fun.

There were over 1000 kidz participating. It is so nice to see all those kids faces when they get there Ironkidz medal, same size and quality as the IM medal.

In between the Ironkidz event I went to fetch my bike at the hotel. Luckily the hotel is only 200m from the start/finish, where the racking is also taking place. This year they decided to give you, your time chip as you rack your bike. What a disaster, the queue was 500 meter long and the people were quit irritated. Last year the chip was in your race pack. My feet were real tyred after the long wait to rack my bike. I decided to go with the 1080 set of wheels as they forecast a 15 km/h wind tomorrow, can always change wheels tomorrow morning if the weather change. When transition opens tomorrow morning at 5 am I will go and fit all my water bottles and spare tyres on the bike and clip my shoes onto my bike.

We only finished at 6:30pm and then we all rushed to go to dinner. We were quit shock to see how many restaurants closed since last year. The economy is really bad. The pasta restaurant where we ate last year closed down and the steak house next to it. We ended up at a Sea food restaurant with me having steak and potatoes as they didn't have pasta. Not what I wanted but rather have that than nothing at all or wait until 10pm to get a table at another pasta restaurant.

Today's workouts

Bike: 15 minutes, 6.5 km, 126 bpm

Run: 15 minutes, 2.8 km, 135 bpm

Swim 400 meter, 8 minutes

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