Monday, April 6, 2009

Sometimes you need a little bit of luck

And sometimes you need a LOT of luck. As Enzo Ferrari said "Look ahead and push even if you are not winning". That was so true yesterday. I am a person that believes in living your dreams and one of my dreams is to go to Kona to participate in the World Triathlon Championships.

I believe that to accomplish your dreams you need to put in hard work, but I also believe you need some luck. Don't know if you notice but right at the top of my blog it said " working to qualify to participate at Kona worlds in 2010. As this is my dream I am working towards. Well if you look again it says "Training for worlds in Kona which is on 10 October 2009.

Yes, you did not read wrong. I was lucky enough today to get a slot to go to Worlds in Hawaii.

As I said in the beginning you need luck, well today I got a lot of luck. I got the 4th and last slot in my age group. Our age group slot allocation was finalized at 4. Athlete nr.1 took his slot, nr 2 and 3 did not take up their slots. No. 4 accepted and then WOW, nr5, 6 and 7 declined. Nr. 8 took his slot and then guess who finished 9th in his age group. I did not even give the announcer a chance, when he called my name I immediately accepted.

After the slot allocation me and Dejone went down to the beach and just went crazy in the sea.

I am so happy and I guess now the real training starts. Can't believe this happened in my first year with markallenonline training. I had to make some adjustments and it took a while for my body to get used to the 20-25 hours of training a week from the 15-20 hours week but it was worth every hour.

Guess there is no winter break, and will now start to prepare for IM World on the 10th of October. Will be in contact with my coaches to plan my training for it.

Just a summary of yesterday

Finished 9th in my age group, 60th overall, 30th South African.

My bike split was also 2nd fastest in my age group and 20th fastest overall, something I am real proud of.


  1. Congrats Johan, I was thinking you may have had a chance but didn't want to say anything and jinx it. Awesome. I did Hawaii when I was 22 and there is no greater experience in Triathlon's. The energy is magical.

    Whey to go!!!!


  2. Thanks Bryan, it's still sinking in