Thursday, February 12, 2009

35 Kg's and counting

When I jump on the scale today I realized that i lost 35 kg's since i started doing triathlons. The biggest weight lost is during the first part when one is overweight. then your weight sort of stabilise and you loose some again. after a while you don't look at how much you lost but concentrate on where you want to be. Maybe that is how it is with life as well, one tend to always concentrate on where you want to be or where you are going but forget where you came from or where you've been. I am now 2kg's lighter than what i was at IM South Africa last year. With the volume picking up now I am sure I will loose another 4kg's before IMSA in 7 weeks time.

The weeks training has been spot on so far, haven't miss one workout and feeling good. Kim is a great support by motivating me. It was not easy so far this week with the weather( raining all the time) but if I only suggest to skip a workout or cut it short she's there to motivate me to go the full distance. Kim is taking me for dinner on Sunday. Am looking forward to it after a hard week of training.

Dejone will go to her first school dance( Valentines Ball) tomorrow night. I think I am more excited than what she is, to see her all dressed up in her new dress and ready to party.

Today's workouts
Gym 1h07
Bike- speed work 1h10 40km

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