Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

It was my Mother and younger sister's birthday yesterday and we took my mother out for dinner.
My sister's friends had a party planned for her so she could not joined us but me, Kim, my mother and my eldest sister with the two girls had a nice evening out. We had a power failure yesterday at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and it lasted until today just after 6 in the evening. One only realize how you need electricity when you're without it for more than 24 hours. Luckily the restaurant had power as it is in a different neighbourhood.
I was a bit tired at the restaurant as i only finished my brick session at 7pm and then had to get ready in the dark and we were at the restaurant at 7:45, but that did not put a damper on the evening.

Yesterday morning started early with my Gym workout but as the Gym only open at 6am on Saturdays and I had to be at work early I decided to only do the leg part of the power workouts, instead of missing the whole workout. While I was at work Jacques or Jakkals(meaning Jackal in our language) called me and said he could not make the long ride with me anymore as he ran over 50km on Friday night for a Cancer charity event. Well done Jakkals. So I was on my own for the 5 hour plus ride. Just before I started I had a look at the weather bureau's website and they said that there was a 0% change for rain and the wind was coming for the west. This would mean that I would ride half the time into a head wind but coming back I would have a tail wind. But guess what, after I made my turnaround it was plain sailing for half an hour and then the wind was ride into my face, an easterly wind. But there was a bigger surprise coming. Into the fourth hour of my ride I saw some heavy clouds above me and then it started raining. Don't mind running in the rain but cycling is not that nice.

While I was struggling back home the last hour and a bit I wondered if I ask the weather bureau what's my changes of finishing in the top 10 in my age group at IMSA. I would be happy if they say 0%.

Today was a boring day as we were without electricity the whole day. Took an afternoon nap before my long run, felt rested after it as I don't get much more than 6 hours a night sleep these days with all the training. I was still tired in the pool and on my long run but that is because of my power gym workouts. Just one more week then the chisel phase start and I shouldn't be as tired anymore. I am a good 15sec/km plus slower on my long runs than my normal pace.

Yesterday's workouts

Gym 33 min
Brick- Bike 5h15, 156km, 128bpm ave, 3989kcal.
Run 27min, 5.4km, 138bpm ave, 5:03min/km, 387kcal

Today's workouts

Swim 1h15, 3km, 124bpm ave, 941kcal.
Run 2h30, 29km, 131bpm ave, 5:11min/km, 1960kcal

Summary of week's workout's
Swim 14km
Bike 191km
Run 63km
Total 19h14, 268km, 13792kcal.

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