Monday, February 23, 2009


Over the weekend I felt this strain in my upper back, but this morning it really hurt when I was busy with my swim workout. I think it is some spasm I have. I decided today that I need more massages in the last 6 weeks towards Ironman as my muscles are really beginning to take strain of all the workouts.
I had a real hectic day at work and decided before I make the same mistake as last week and start missing workouts I will swop my easy bike workout that I am suppose to do tomorrow night with my moderate bike workout that was suppose to be tonight. Jumped on the Computrainer as it is too late to ride outside by the time I get home during the week. Don't know what it is but I just don't have the energy on Monday evenings for my workout. I'm fine and can still manage my morning swim session but there is no energy in the evening. It seems that the long hours over the weekend takes it toll and it only kicks in on Monday nights.
Today's workouts
Swim: 1h26, 3.5km, 1040kcal, 126bpm ave
Bike: 1h00, 27.7km ,118bpm ave

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