Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heavy Legs

The Bike speed workout tonight was especially hard as I am now in the mid of my power phase in the gym. With the markallenonline program I was warned that during the power phase of the gym workouts you will feel sluggish and expierence heavy legs and I felt it tonight. Part of the bike speed work was two 12 minute Time trials and it was killing me. Luckily for me there is only two weeks left of power training and then the Chisel phase starts.

Today's workouts
Gym: 1h12
Bike: 1h08, 35km, 128bpm ave, 158bpm max.


  1. Hand in there. Your body will come around, especially once you hit the next phase...chisel!

  2. Thanks Mark, your program is amazing I can see a definit improvement since I joined. I trust your program 100% and know the heavy legs is just a thing for now.