Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big week ahead

Just finished my 3hr run and had a look at my training schedule for next week. When i looked at the schedule i was shocked but I realised that Ironman South Africa is not that far away-56days, and i can see it in my training. The training is now becoming LONG and HARD. This week i need to swim 12.5km, cycle over 13 hours( including a 7hr long ride on Saturday) and over 5 hours running. Since I've been training with i have seen big improvements, so i guess i just need to stick with the program and see what happens on April 5th.

Long run today. 3h00, 34km, 5:17m/km, 137bpm ave.

The weeks summary
Swim 12.5km
Bike 249km
Run 69km
Total 330km, 21h35, 15045kcal

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