Tuesday, February 24, 2009

40 Days

40 days to Ironman South Africa. When I looked at my watch this morning after my run I couldn't believe it was just the other day that it said "50 IMSA 2009". I remember when I was at high school it was a big party if your were in Matric(final year) and it was 40 days until the final exam started. Today was no party but I felt good as I managed to get all my training done.
Life is good when you see that your training program( markallenonline.com) is working and you just have that feeling that everything is falling into place.
I haven't been sick since my 20 week program started after my Half Ironman in December. Hope it can stay this way as I don't want a repeat of December where I got flu two weeks before the event. There is some fellow workers that have flu at this moment and I just hope I don't get sick at this stage as this can give my training a set back.
I have lost some more weight the last week although I am following my nutrition plan 100%, don't think I am eating less. Am eating actually more as I suddenly have this craving for chocolates, hope it is just a temporarily thing and not something my body tells me I need.
The pain in my upper back is still there but not as sore as yesterday. Will see what happens tomorrow morning as I am doing my endurance swim(4.5km).
Today's workouts
Run: 1h43, 20.2km, 5:06min/km, 132bpm ave, 1358kcal
Bike: 1h51, 62km, 123bpm ave, 1300kcal

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