Saturday, February 14, 2009

50 Days to Ironman SA

Today on Valentines day it is 50 days to IMSA.
Went for my LONG ride today and as the picture
suggest it was dead slow with a strong wind. At first for the first two hours it was quite nice but as i changed routes it was tough. Though that it would be better when I turned around but it seems that the wind then just came from everywhere. Round about the 4 hour mark Kim and Dejone brought me some water and Infinit drinks to refill my bottles, THANKS Girls. As they drove off it was heartbreaking to think I still had some 3 hours of riding left. From then onwards until the 6 hour mark was tough but I guess that last hour fly by as you heading home and you know it is close. Rest of the day I am going to rest to be ready for my Long run tomorrow morning. After the long run it is of for a 2.5km swim and then it is my treat. We are going for Dinner at Piatto. Can wait to have a decent steak, haven't had one in ages.

Today's workout

Long Ride 6h53 196km 4315kcal

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