Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Panorama Nite Race

Tonight was the annual Panorama Primary School Nite Race which is sponsored by McCarthy Volkswagen, the company I used to work for, for the past 17 years. This was the first year in the 6 years the event is being sponsored by McCarthy VW that I wasn't involved in the organizing. It started as a small nite race to generate funds for the school and has now grown into one of the biggest nite races in our town. The school is less than two kilomters from our house and Dejone is also a learner at Panorama, so the school is special to us.

Must say it felt weird just going their run the race and get back home, no presenting of medals, removing of all banners and cleaning up afterwards. Had a nice chat will all my ex-fellow workers and glad to see that they are all doing well. I don't get to spend that much time with them anymore as I still stay in town but now work in another city which is more than 100km away.

Dejone did the 5km run and I must say she finished in a well respected time, faster than what I though. I did the 10km run and it went well, considering it is a very hilly route and I did a 20km run yesterday. I am also struggling with stomach cramps the whole day. Don't know what it is but I woke up this morning with this stomach cramps and I just could not do my Long swim session. Later in the day it became better but I still have this little cramps.

Guess I jinxed myself by saying yesterday that I am healthy and the training is spot on, one never knows what will happen the next day.

Have send an email to markallenonline to help me with my training tomorrow, don't know if I must do the gym session tomorrow morning or the swim session I missed today. Like I said before, miss a session and that workout is gone, you just can't catch up.

Today's workout

Run: 10km race, 43:04 157bpm ave, 796kcal, 4:17min/km

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