Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Days

My sister came to visit us for the weekend, and I haven't seen my Mom so happy in a while. Today is also my sister in law's birthday, Happy birthday Marle. Have a killer of a day and enjoy the barbecue tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the birthdays of my mother and my sister, going to be a busy day with all the training, work and birthday party. The day was right on schedule with the training. Did my swim session this morning and a nice easy run tonight. Tomorrow it is gym and long bike. As I'm working tomorrow I need to do my long bike in the afternoon, Jakkals will join me at 1pm and we will hit the road for 5h30. After that it will be a 30 minutes run before I can join the birthday celebrations.

Today's workouts
Swim: 1h14, 3km,
Easy Run: 40 minutes, 7.7km, 129bpm ave 5:14min/km

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