Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watch the weight

This week has been hectic so far. Yesterday I did not feel like cycling and tonight I am taking some guys from our performance group out for dinner. This means I am only able to workout once a day for the first two days of the week. With all the restaurant food it also means gaining weight. One must be so careful of what to eat not to add those kilo's you've been shedding.
Guess it will be a late night tonight as I need to drive back home after dinner and working a hour from home does not help. Will definitely feel it in the pool tomorrow morning. Though of switching my swim and run session tomorrow but I just don't have enough energy at night to swim. It is also my long swim session(4.5km) tomorrow so i just need to get it done and can take an easy run tomorrow night.

Today's workout
Speed run 1h00 11.3km 139bpm ave

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