Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bring on the Beef

We went for Lunch at Piatto's today, something I've been looking forward to the whole week. Had to decide if I am going to take it easy or treat myself. Nothing against vegetarians and I do respect them but I had the best steak in a long time. When I went to the NADA conference in San Francisco last year I saw this sign on a back of a guy's Van who's selling snacks and food at the top of one of the many hills in SF. Thought of this sign when I had my steak, nothing like a good steak. We invited my mother along and we had such a great time.

Did my early Long run this morning and it really feels like everything is coming together, had a great run. Apart from the drunkard who was spitting at me. He must have been drunk as not any person in his right mind will hang out of the passenger window without a shirt on in a car that goes way above the speed limit and spits at you, all this at 5h15 in the morning. First I wanted to react but decided I am not going to let these two guys ruin such a beautiful morning. Don't know what it is with me and these drunk people lately when I go for my runs.

The rest of the afternoon was real relaxing apart from me still trying to sort out my new cell phone. Will give the guys a call tomorrow again as I can't get my email to work from this new phone.

Today's workouts

Long run 2h10 27km 4:50min/km 138bpm

Easy swim 55min 2.5km 115bpm

Weeks summary

Swim 12.5km

Bike 329km

Run 61km

Total 22h09 401.5km 15 362 kcal

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