Friday, February 13, 2009

My Little Valentines Girl

Tonight is a big night for Dejone. She is going to her first Valentines dance. She got a new dress and matching shoes for the night not to mention the whole preparation since early today. She is so excited about the evening, it makes me so happy to see the excitement in her eyes. Everyday i just see more of me and Kim in our daughter. When Kim dropped her off at school her partner for the night waited for her at the gate and gave her a small gift. Wish i could see that. Had to force myself not to ran past the school when i went for my easy run to see if my baby is enjoying herself as we only stay 2 kilometers from school.
All this excitement made me forget about my busy day. Did my speed swim session this morning but just could not get enough air into my lungs and had to change it to a moderate swim. Hope I am not getting the flu.
After some work this morning I drove through to the cellphone head office and exchange my phone i only received 5 day ago as it packed up, and then it was back to the office for some more work. I had to rush home to see my daughter before she went to the dance and had to quickly stop at the sports shop to get some Powerbar gels for tomorrows long ride. After all the rush i went for my easy run and I really enjoyed it.
On my run a young guy stop next to me as drunk as a sailor and ask me if I need a lift. I politely declined the offer and after I declined his comment was and I quote him "i can really give you a lift because i can see you are in a real hurry". Never a dull moment, first i thought it was very funny but as i was running i realised that this was just after 7pm and the youngster is already that drunk. Can you imagine in what state he will be at 11pm tonight and his driven around in his car. This made me furious.
Just finished preparing my bike for tomorrows 7hr long ride, it is going to be a long day.
Today's workouts
Speed/Moderate Swim 3km 1h16 128bpm
Easy run 40minute 7.8km 126bpm

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