Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It is so easy to loose focus. In my case I had a busy week but that's no excuse, so one shifts your focus from training for an Ironman to all these other things that take up your time. When I did not do my workout Monday night it didn't seem like a big deal missing one workout. On Tuesday night I took the guys out for Dinner and missed my second workout. The workout was suppose to be an easy bike session so one think, that not to bad missing an easy session. Then it is Wednesday morning and you feel tired of the late night last night and say to yourself let me skip the morning session I'll catch up tonight, but guess what. You never catch up, a lost session is a lost workout. Before you realise you are on the brink of only completing half you workouts for the week and are only doing one session a day instead of two. Today I said to myself FOCUS, Stemmet, Focus. With the Half Iron coming up on the 8th of March I have less than two weeks of hard work, one week easy, two weeks hard and two weeks taper before IMSA. Now is the time to push and don't loose focus. Luckily I am back on track and have done my workouts for today.

Had an exciting run tonight whereby I had to run past a snake in the road. One of my running routes is through a new neighbourhood where they've only started building houses and there is no street lights yet. I guess with all the building the animals are looking for new homes. Luckily a motorist warned me as he was coming from the opposite site. Quite scary but also some adrenaline rush if you need to decide are you going to continue, turn back or make it a sprint for the next 100m.

Today's workouts

Swim: 1h42, 4.5km, 120bpm ave.
Easy Run: 55min 9.8km 130bpm ave.

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