Monday, March 16, 2009

20 days to Go Go Go

Every year round about this time I ask myself, WHY? One is full of plans and motivation when you start to train for a specific event in my case Ironman South Africa, but when it gets to 20 days you wonder if your preparation was enough and all these "what ifs" goes through your mind. Not to mention the training that seems to never stop. I will swop a long, slow workout anytime now for a fast,short workout. Am actually looking forwards to tomorrow's run workout, which is a speed session.

Went to the doctor today as he wanted to make sure my lungs are OK, after last weeks mishap at the half Iron. He's happy with the lung function test I did today. Last Monday the result of the test was 78% and today's result came out at 98%. This is also a big relief to me, knowing that there's no problem with my lungs anymore.

Today's workouts

Swim: 1h28, 3.7 km
Bike( recovery ride): 1h01, 32 km, 124 bpm ave, 732 kcal.

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