Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keep Left Pass Right

Today on my long bike it was one of those boring rides where you just keep on going and nothing is happening. You are in your training zones, no motorist try to take you out on the road and nothing happens along your ride to make it interesting.

Well that was until the 130km mark and heading home. Part of the route I cycle on is a very quite road, where you travel past some farms. I could see there were a lot of sheep running across the road and as I got closer I saw these farmer and his helpers chasing his sheep, I suppose from one side of his farm to the other and in the process they are running across the road.

I was cycling at about 35km/h and slowed down to 10-15km. Me and the sheep were negotiating our way past each other and it was going well with most of them, but there were still some sheep who were falling behind that was catching up. You just know when you feel something is going to happen. As I approached(about 5 meters) this one sheep I was going to the left and he was going to his right. I moved to the right and he moved to his left. Braking to an almost complete standstill me and the sheep had a head on collision, or should I say my front wheel with the sheep's body.

It just gave one bleat and scattered to the side. Luckily I could unclip my foot form the pedal not to fall over. I just laugh as I saw him running across the road. After I started cycling again I wondered if the sheep wasn't maybe right when they say 'keep left pass right". This rule apply when people are moving in the same direction but what about two objects approaching each other. You see the sheep did keep left and then passed to his right, but it was me confusing him to keep left and pass left, or am I now just being silly.

Never a dull moment when you spend these long hours on the road training.

Today was my last brick session before IMSA, with tapering to start on Monday I only have a 3,5 hour bike ride next weekend. Tomorrow is also my last long run with a 2 hour run. I've decided to do my swim workout tomorrow in the local dam just outside town. Just feel that need to go out with the wetsuit and do an open water swim.

Today's workout
Bike- 5h08, 161.5 km, 31.4 km/h, 127 bpm ave, 3951 kcal.
Run- 28 min, 5.9 km, 4:55 min/km, 140 bpm ave, 435 kcal

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