Thursday, March 19, 2009

School Projects

Before I continue, I need to apologies that the photo of Donald is not up yet. Yesterday it was raining so heavily that I could not take a clear picture and today, well lets blame it on the school project. I was a bit late for work this morning and forgot the camera. I will definitely have it up before the weekend.

Dejone got this school project where she needs to make a music instrument, and she decided on a guitar. She was not happy with her dads idea of getting a shoe box and add some fish gut to it.

She wanted the real thing. So off I went to the store to buy some wood and to the music store to get guitar strings with the fitments. My initial plan was to help her after my run workout but when I got home after the swim session she was waiting because Dad needs to help.

I decided to give the running a miss, and help her. What a great time we had. I did all the cutting and drilling of the wood while she helped me with the measurements. When that was done she insisted that she wants to use the hammer to nail everything together. Must say we waisted 10 minutes arguing about this because I had to keep the wood together with the nails in place and she's got the hammer. Eventually she won the debate and I must say I only got hit once on the finger.

After that I helped her to attached the strings and that was the ground work done. Today she and her grandmother did all the painting and decorating. She is so excited to take her guitar to school tomorrow. I must say I am really impressed with her commitment and hard work to make the project a success and with her "boy" skills when she helped me with the woodwork.

Tonight I did my bike workout which included 2x 12 minute time trials, hope my legs don't feel this way in two weeks time. They really feel heavy and that "sharpness" is not there. I hope this will improve from next week onwards when I start with the tapering.

Yesterday' workout

Swim: 32 min, 1.5km

Today's workout
Bike: 1h00, 36 km, 133 bpm ave, 822 kcal.