Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To Do or Not to Do

I could only see the doctor this morning and it seems that I have a condition called Bursitis in my right knee. This is when the small fluid-filled sacs that is located where the tendons connect to the bone become irritated or inflamed. One of the causes is overuse, and I guess that is in my case the reason for the inflamed bursae.
What worries me is that the knee is swollen today which wasn't the case yesterday.I am now on some medication to see if it will help and the Physio is also doing her magic. They suggest that I don't do the Half Ironman this weekend, and I guess they're right. They said they will work on the knee and see if it becomes better, but being so competitive it's hard not to participate this weekend. The weekends race is a "B" race for me and I don't want to ruin my Ironman in 5 weeks. If I participate this weekend it is almost a case winning the battle but loosing the war. Maybe I will just do the swim part to see if I improved on the swim as I have been working real hard on it.

After I saw the doctor I took my bike for a service as this was the initial plan. As I drove to the bike shop I realised that it is actually not necessary for them to check my bike but as I already arranged with them I took it anyway. The guys at the bike shop are so busy now as everybody wants to service their bikes before this weekends big Argus Cycle tour in Cape Town, guess we all leave this for the last minute. I am not 100% sure but according to the event organisers this year they have over 35 000 entries.

Today's workouts

Swim: 1h03 2.5km, 107 bpm ave, 580 kcal

Bike: Intervals 25min, 15km, 126 bpm ave, 312 kcal


  1. I agree with the docs. A "B" race isn't worth blowing an Ironman event. Injuries suck. Get well soon!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment,appreciate it guess i just need to put this "b" race behind me and prepare for Ironman