Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family time- Priceless

With one week to go to Ironman I am cutting back a lot on all the workouts during the taper phase. Doing much less compare to what I was doing a month ago I realize how much time I spend on training. Now that I don't have to do those long rides and runs over weekends there is so much time to spend with the family.

I must add that they know I have to train a lot for an Ironman and they fully understand. They also enjoy the whole Ironman experience and I am so glad to have a family that understand and support me 100%.

Yesterday I did my run early in the morning and quickly went to work but was back at 1pm and me, Kim, DJ and my mother went to a restaurant to have lunch. Can't remember when last did we have lunch as a family together on a Saturday afternoon. It was so relaxing and nothing rushed us to get back home. Dejone and Kim also went to the hairdresser to get their hair done.Dejone really enjoyed it at the hairdresser, she is becoming a real lady.

Dejone is much better after she went to the doctor yesterday and got some medicine, believe she will be ready before we leave for Port Elizabeth(IM host city) on Thursday.Later we watch some rugby on TV, and my mother made us some waffles as a late night snack.

This morning we slept late and there was no rush. We watch the F1 race from Australia laying in bed. Dejone came to join us and we all were chatting in bed. While Kim was off to the shops to buy some food for the week I went to the gym to do my swim workout. The rest of the day was just as relaxing as yesterday and I only started my cycling at 4pm.

I really enjoyed all this time with the family over the weekend and after Ironman next week I know there is some more quality time with them as I will be taking a break for a while before I start training again.

This week will be even easier on the training and I only have 3 workouts in each discipline for the week. I think I will be more busy getting everything ready and packed before we fly on Thursday. I don't like packing the bike every time we fly. I am always so scared when I know the bike is at the back of the plane and you don't have control over the guys that's handling it.

Yesterday's workout
Run: 1h11:28, 15.8 km, 4:31 min/km, 142 bpm ave, 1111kcal.

Today's workout's
Swim: 1h34, 4 km

Bike: 2h01, 70.7 km, 35.3 km/h, 136bpm ave, 1742 kcal

Week Totals
Swim: 10 km
Bike: 204 km
Run: 30.2 km

Total: 12h17, 243.9 km, 9140 kcal

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