Sunday, March 22, 2009

Running is on track

Did go for my last long run early this morning and I must say I feel real positive about the run. My legs feel much stronger and I do have more speed than last year. From this week onwards I am beginning to take in easy and there are even days that I have NO workouts never mind only one for the day.

I did email Mark and Luis at markallenonline as I am really tired and the lack of feeling "sharp" bothers me. I just don't feel like training but as soon as I start I can go the full distance without a problem. Mark suggested that I reduce my swim tomorrow from 3.5km to 1.5km and my bike from 2h30 to 1hr. I do have a rest day Tuesday and see how I feel after Wednesday's workouts. He also suggested to start catching up on sleep. I normally get between 5 and 6 hours sleep a night, mainly due to my working situation and all the training.

This afternoon I went to the dam and did some open water swimming. I just wanted to make sure I am fine with the wet suit and the open water after my hick up at the half iron two weeks ago. Must say I did enjoy it and I felt great, no problem what so ever. Just a bit scary if you swim alone without any support but I swam all the way along the shore and made sure I didn't drift inwards.

Today's workouts
Run: 2h00, 25 km, 4:48 min/km, 136 bpm ave, 1704 kcal.
Swim: 21 min, 1 km.(open water)

Weeks Totals
Swim: 9.2 km
Bike: 293.5 km
Run: 48.3 km

Total: 16h38, 351 km, 12048 kcal.

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