Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why these armbands?

Although I've been wearing these rubber bands for more than two years, a lot of people asked me lately why do I wear them and for what. Well up to now I kept the reasons to myself but said that if you're really interested I will share it on my blog.

The black one I started wearing after my father died of Alzheimer's disease and it is in honour of him. He died on the 10th of June 2006 and I was looking for something to wear to remind me of him. I am not a necklace person and doing triathlon it is difficult to wear something permanently. I saw people wearing these bands but all of them had some statements on it.

I then found this black one in St Tropez when we were on holiday. This band remind me about all the lessons I've learned from him and what a great roll model his been. I have learned so many things from him but the most important things is to be honest and responsible and If you do something do it 100% or don't do it at all.

The red band I wear to motivate me to qualify for Kona. When I wake up at 4 am and don't feel like training I see this red band or if I'm doing a 6 hour bike ride and want to cut it short I look at this band. When I am still busy training at 10pm ,I look at it and I know that to qualify for Kona there is no short cuts and the other guys who also wants to qualify is busy training.

Today was a busy day with workouts in all three disciplines. Although the session were short it was high intensity and I could feel it tonight when I did my bike session that the legs are tired of the days workouts. Doing 3 x 5 minute time trials at full effort wasn't easy at all.

Today's workouts

Run (speed session): 45:51 min, 8.9 km, 138 bpm ave, 166bpm max, 672 kcal.

Swim: 58:37 min, 2.5km, 751kcal

Bike(speed) 40:36 min, 23 km, 120 bpm ave, 464 kcal.

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