Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guess who's back

All I need to say is, Welcome back Donald. As I was driving back home yesterday I could not believe my eyes when I saw Donald back in his pond. For those who don't follow my blog that often check out a previous post " Where's Donald" and you will know what am I talking about. Will take a picture tomorrow to post and you all can see who Donald is. For the past two weeks I've been checking the pond but one become used to not seeing what your looking for and then you start looking and searching for new things to make life interesting.

Did my speed run yesterday morning, I must say I enjoy them more every time I do them. You get that feeling that you can't go any faster and while you push yourself to the limit, or that's what you think, you just what to slow done. But before you realize the session is done and you feel so GOOD. Love these fast sessions more and more. Last night I did my two hour bike ride. Did do one loop and a bit of the Ironman South Africa course on the Computrainer. I know the course so well now on the Computrainer and have work out my splits. Hope this will also work on the day. Plan on doing a 1h40 per lap(x3).

The first split is the 13 km from the start where you climb all the way, with some sections at 7% incline, then it is 27km of rolling hills and the final 20 km is fast depending on the direction of the wind. I have broken it down to 25 minutes, 45 minutes and 30 minutes which will give me 1h40.
Last year I did manage these splits on the first two loops but was 7 minutes off on the last loop.
Hope the wind doesn't play havoc this year as Port Elizabeth is known for its heavy winds, then it can happen.

But everything depends on how you feel on the day and as I realized lately one needs to have a plan A,B and C.

Did not do a workout this morning as I only finished late last night and decided if I do a workout this morning it would mean that I will only get 5 hours sleep. So I decided to do my swim and run workout tonight. Don't mind if I finished late as I only have one bike workout on Thursday and will do it in the afternoon.

Yesterday's workouts
Run: 1h01, 12.1km, 140 bpm ave, 161 bpm max, 908 kcal
Bike: 2h00, 64 km, 118 bpm ave, 1343 kcal

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  1. You've got to post a picture of the duck, I'm curious to see what he looks like and his surroundings.