Monday, March 23, 2009

How long can a Hour be?

Today was just one of those days. Everything started real easy with my 1.5 km easy swim this morning. The swim was different as I took it easy but for a change I enjoyed it a lot. After the swim I got ready and drove two hours to Volkswagen's headquarters to attend a roadshow/meeting. For a change it was interesting and I enjoyed it.

When I returned home I discovered that we had a burst(leaking) water pipe which runs from the geyser to the house. Luckily Albert, the plumber I've been using since I can remember came to sort it out quickly. He is so reliable and never say no when you need him. He did the plumbing for our house, so he knows this house's plumbing better than anybody else.

I had to do an easy bike tonight, and jumped on the computrainer to do it. Literally after 35 sec I got a puncture( on an indoor trainer!!!!). I jumped off and changed the tyre, and was back on the bike to start with the 1 hour easy ride, but when I pressed the start button on the computrainer the program freezes on my laptop. So I jump off the bike restarts the laptop and when that was done I loaded the course again. After this ten minute delay I could complete the hour without any hassles. After my ride I had a look at the tyre and saw that it had a cut which I must have got from Saturdays ride. Lucky me not to have a flat on Saturday.

Today is also Gerhard's, my sisters fiance birthday. The are out having some fun.
Happy Birthday Gerhard

Today's workouts.
Swim: 32 min, 1.5 km
Bike: 1h02, 32 km, 115 bpm ave, 619 kcal.

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